My self-intro and the FPA characters list

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My self-intro and the FPA characters list

Post  3island18 on Tue Mar 19, 2013 8:48 am

First, the silly self-intro :p

Hello, I'm a newborn LOGH fanboy Smile I knew and watched LOGH for the first time in late 2012 (September or October I think), and have been a fanboy since then. I could say LOGH is the 2nd anime that has really big impact on my anime-watching hobby (the first one was Serial Experiments Lain). Since then LOGH has set my anime-watching standard so high that I'm always groaning and bitching now when I watch other animes LOL ("The story/characters is/are too shallow!", "That's unrealistic!" LOL). Watching harem love comedy or shounen genre is never the same again haha j/k :p Anyway, I'm 30 now, when one gets old, one will find all those harem love comedy busty girls and spiky-haired boys in shounen stuffs aren't as interesting as it used to be. Reminds me of the joke among the FPA guys about how they don't wanna be 30s LOL. Besides, I've been a fan of anime-manga (or anything actually; movies, books) with heavy and profound story. I've mentioned Serial Experiments Lain, I also enjoyed Ergo Proxy, Ghost in the Shell, Urasawa Naoki's Monster, Texhnolyze, Berserk, Banner/Crest of the Stars, Divergence Eve among other things.

Being a new fan has its own advantage maybe; for instance, BD rips with excellent quality are available (though some purists are complaining about the "redraw scenes", reminds me of Star Wars DVDs). And when talking about the Eng subs for LOGH, then it certainly is CentralAnime's. I watched all LOGH eps with CA subs. In fact I never found (or rather, don't bother to try to find) other Eng subs except CA's on the net. I believe everyone is watching LOGH with CA subs too out there. CA subs are pretty good, albeit there are some minor mistakes here and there. But the most glaring one must be the names (characters, starzones, planets, places), they're keep changing. This, no one can blame them of course, LOGH being 20yrs old anime, and CA has been translating them since the beginning. When newer data comes out ("official" spelling albeit with (more) errors, Japanese hehe), the subs were already been released, and with 165 eps, I don't think they would want to bother on doing some reediting and release V2 subs or something, can't blame them. Anyway, I'm very grateful for CA for translating it from the first place, FOR FREE! Can't complain at all Smile And the translations are pretty good, although I found some mistranslations, especially on the 1st season, but towards the end, especially the 4th season, the translations are top-notch, the word usages and sentencing are able to convey various emotions, at least to me.

Now, being a faithful fanboy, of course, I know that the characters' name are based on real-life names (given and surname). This is one reason I got crazy about LOGH, coz it adds more feeling of realism into the story. These real-life names are, IMO, the one thing that separates LOGH from Gundam and other similar animes with their Star Wars-like made-up names (besides the "still-relevant-to-this-day" realistic-like story with profound morals, and Yang Wenli owns of course). I feel like, "This kinda future could happen... someday..." And since I'm an Asian, I especially enjoy the FPA guys' name. There are Chinese, Vietnamese, etc. Wow. Too bad no character has the same surname as mine LOL (I'm a Chinese btw, (not nationality)).

Out of curiosity, I browsed the internet about LOGH, and then voila, I found Gineipaedia (formerly known as Yang Wenli Wikia). After comparing with other LOGH related pages, I can see that Gineipaedia is the most up-to-dated one, and it looks like the largest and more complete one compared to others, and got that "professionally written" feeling. So I decided to stick around (though I finally just registered recently), reading pages whenever I got time, and man, this is real good stuff. So then, I extracted the .ASS subtitle files from my MKVs and actually read all 165 eps of CA subs LOL. Took about 2 months. Then, I started to collecting every proper name ever mentioned in CA subs; which means the names that are mentioned in the dialogues, sometimes credits (CA didn't translate whole credits), and those name plate subtitles. And now, after I collected every name, I resumed reading Gineipaedia. I especially enjoy the "background info" part. I learned so much these past weeks about Western names which I never knew exist. Well, most Asians wouldn't know, including me :p I only know the English origin names (I know Attenborough :p).

Then, one idea started to floating around in my mind... What if... What if these "correctly spelled based on real-life" names from Gineipaedia are implemented into CA subs?! That would be a blast. The more days pass, the more this idea keeps coming back and torturing me :p As a LOGH fanboy I wanna re-watch the whole series someday, with perfect subs: all typos, grammatical errors, mistranslations, bad formatting, bad sub-positioning & timing are corrected, AND all proper names are correct, as in: the way it spelled and known in the real world." A subs which LOGH fans can proudly show off, along with the series of course, to new fan-will-be candidates. Oh I got a list of people to "LOGH brainwash" with, family and friends haha. Gotta spread the epicness. My younger sister still haven't watch this one hmm...

I haven't convey my intention to Heibi at CA forum though. I hope he'll okay it hehe. I wanna release the subs under CA name, ie. official if I could, don't wanna steal people's hard work, or at least released with CA permission. I'm still in the "correctly spelled name collecting" phase. Of course, for all the sub-editing jobs I'll do it myself. Technology these days made things easier for a noob like me. I've learned AegiSubs and I think I can use it rather well now. For sub-timing I use VisualSubSync for accurate sync. Oh and I understand Japanese (and Chinese, though this is irrelevant?). Using the language skill stars in Gineipaedia, my score would be:

  • English 2 stars, I'm not a native speaker obviously, how good is my English? um, how's the English in my message? I hope it's good enough :p

  • German 0 star, yup, ZERO, I only know Ja, Nein, Jawohl, Sieg Heil!, Sieg Kaiser!, and Prosit haha.

  • Japanese 2 stars, I majored Japanese Study back then at the college, though now I never use it now except for watching and reading stuffs :/ what were you studied at school and the job you do now *roll eyes* :p I can read Kanji and stuffs, listening is so-so, but I can hear most of LOGH dialogues since they're speaking in cool formal speech (I'm having a slightly hard time with slang words in cute animes :p).

  • Chinese 2 stars, the usual Standard Mandarin stuffs, obviously helping in Japanese Kanji. My mother tongue is Chinese Hakka, but I suck at it. Hakka helps some in Japanese Kanji too since its pronunciation is closer. Plus I'm a historical Chinese phonology nut (Middle Chinese stuffs...), , so... But I think this is irrelevant in subbing...

This sub-editing is my long-term project, I'm thinking I hope I can finish it at the end of this year. I called it "project" but it's actually rather simple, not a really daunting task. My main targets are:

  • implement correct spelled real-life names from Gineipaedia, not only people's, but also ships, planets, starzones/systems, etc. also correct the military ranks, nobility status, and various terms with Gineipaedia as the source.

  • fix typos, grammatical errors, and dialogue mistranslations (just a few I reckoned).

  • standardize the sub style (font choice, font size, color, etc.) among the 165 eps subs, fix some bad sub-positioning, re-time some bad timing, re-sentencing if necessary (sentence is too long in a pop, split it. Or join two very short sentences into one).

That's all. Nothing fancy. CA subs itself are already very good IMO, just one more little step to perfection to satisfy a pedantic bastard like me Smile Though I said I'll do all the job by myself, but if there's some forum/page which I can go to hang around with and discussing matters with LOGH fan fellows, that would be great. I especially need 2nd opinion on the translation from Japanese to English, and maybe some help for creating cool and emotional English sentences as LOGH dialogues are emotional and CA subs are good on that aspect. English native speakers needed Smile Sentences which could satisfy the native speakers.

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And now, the list of FPA characters which haven't got their own pages on yet

Post  3island18 on Tue Mar 19, 2013 9:07 am

Well, okay, that was my self-intro, my apologize for it is so damn long, because I thought it will be rude to just drop a short message like, "Your page rulez. Request new pages for X." :p I've tried to reduce the sentences so that only the most important ones (I think) left. Anyway, here's the suggestion I'm talking about.

I finished reading all the 127 pages of FPA characters, then the Phezzanis, the Terraists, and the Earth-Sirius War - Galactic Federation characters. I noticed that there are some characters' name which I collected from CA subs are left out (ie. not having a page). Mostly are from the HBSHBL Gaiden series. Maybe they're still in development, so my apologize if I might be requesting/suggesting for the billionth time the request/suggestion someone else has been made to you guys (or maybe because I'm a noob I couldn't find the pages). Anyway I'll list them here for you. I'm looking forward for the "background info" part and the name-spelling correction by you guys Smile not to mention that it'll help further my sub-editing project progress.

here's the FPA ones for now. I'm currently reading the Galactic Empire pages now. Will give out more names afterwards.


[from OVA]

Bufort (commodore, guerilla tactics, ep 69)

Buteney (admiral, ep 48)

Caldwell / Coldwell, CA seems wavering between these two, I think Caldwell is the correct one? (Ivan Konev's man, lieutenant, next commander of the 2nd Squadron after Ivan Konev KIA)

Desgo (commissioner, saved by Julian Mintz and Louis Machungo, forgot the eps, somewhere around the Empire invasion on Fezzan)

Eda (lieutenant commander, ep 105)

Fyhen (captain, adjutant, ep 45 at 20:35)

Kira (eps 68 credits, I think he's the young boy who talk with Julian. Kira? That kid is a Japanese? doesn't look like one. Oh well, I also thought Huang Rui doesn't look like a Chinese, thought Hwan Lewi is a Jewish name :p Yaknow, Levi in the Bible haha)

Livermore (Vice Admiral of Personnel Dept., forgot to write down which eps, sorry)

Malcolm Wideborn (ep 10, HBSHBL ep 10, SL ep 1,2): Said to be a rare military genius kid in FPA history, but Yang owned him in a training simulation. Later in HBSHBL, Wideborn got owned by Reinhard and KIA. In the video his name is written as Marcom, and CA follows this on their subs. Well, everybody knows it's a typo of Malcolm. So, to respect all Malcolms out there, I write it correctly. Same case as Wallace Warwick is written as "Wallice" in the video, but Gineipaedia use "Wallace" anyway.

Ozman (chief of General Staff Office, ep 45 at 15:39)

Peter (Thorndike's man who got beaten up by the PKC thugs, ep 10)

Ryskov (lieutenant commander, Leda II captain, ep 82)

Shannon (politician, male, forgot to write down which eps, sorry. Somewhere in 3rd Season, imminent Galactic Empire invasion, or was it 2nd Season?)

Scott (admiral, transporting supplies from Heinessen, ep 14)

(Below are the good FPA politicians who were praised by Reinhard as great men, yet unfortunately in the corrupted FPA, these great men are kept in small posts coz they're hated, thus can't contribute more and let the FPA extincted. They only appeared briefly but given big mac-subtitles for their names. I forgot which eps they appear, but they appear simultaneously in one eps, somewhere after the Empire annexed FPA territories, and Reinhard was in Heinessen. I think it's also the eps where the FPA military guys who just betrayed and killed Rebelo asking Reinhard for positions in the Galactic Empire. Reinhard, disgusted by their behavior, ordered Fahrenheit to have them executed immediately, and afterwards he made a comparison between those traitors as sewage effluvium with Bewcock co. as pure water in the mountains.)

Claude Montaigne (the office of the committee of financial affairs, the national treasury department chair)

Graham Evert Noelbaker (the supreme council secretarial department, junior secretary)

Vissius Adler (council officer)

(Spartanian pilots)

Hughes (ep 15, HBSHBL ep 12)

Shakely (ep 15, HBSHBL ep 12) -> Sále Aziz Cheikly -> Saleh Aziz Choukri, as pointed by Kine and Iracundus

Moranville (lieutenant, Applejack squadron, no face I think, just radio chatter. forgot to write down which eps, sorry.)

Zanchavsky (ensign, Applejack squadron, no face I think, just radio chatter. forgot to write down which eps, sorry.)

(Here are the names of the Rossenritter troops which called out by Schönkopf in eps 108, all KIA. No specific faces. Plz check em out, are the German names are correct?)








Montcharmand (モンシャルマン as seen in the Japanese credits) (appearance: eps 1): I'm not sure who he is, and his name only shows up in the credits and translated by CA for some reason. The voice actor is Makimiya Hiromu (牧宮 弘). Maybe one of Bewcock's man? Is that a French name?

Sinclair Cerebrese (appearances: eps 2, 5, 6, 10, 12), vice admiral, FPA base commander at the 2nd satellite of the 4th planet of Van-Fleet star system. He got caught by Reinhard in the end. Dislikes Schönkopf. Cerebrese? French? German? Cerebrum?

Otto Frank von Wahnschaffe (appearances: eps 2, 3): colonel, Rosenritter regiment 12th commanding officer, he's KIA then Schönkopf assumed Rossenritter command.

Karl von der Decken (appearances: eps 2, 4, 5): Rosenritter troop, killed by Lüneburg.

Samburgh, also Borg(?) by CA (appearance: eps 2): Rosenritter troop. I think he's KIA too, forgot, need to re-watch. He's the one who eats so politely in the cafetaria, wipes his mouth with napkin and fold it neatly, then say a prayer after eat.

Valery Lynn Fitzsimmons, also Valery Lin Fitzsimmons, I prefer Lynn (appearances: eps 4, 5, 6): lieutenant junior grade, or sub-lieutenant according to Gineipaedia. Schönkopf's girlfriend, got sex scene with him too. KIA.

Willem Holland (appearances: eps 10, 11, 12, also appears in TBT 1 & 2): rear admiral, KIA. The smug guy who claimed to be the 2nd Bruce Ashbey, disregarded basic military strategy, owned the Imperial guys for 4 hours until Reinhard destroyed his entire fleet in only 3 minutes (in TBT).

Ramsay Wartz (appearance: eps 10): rear admiral, Malcolm Wideborn's superior. KIA together with Wideborn, coz Wideborn can't win against Reinhard's tactic which defies logic. Wartz? Waltz maybe?

Cabot (appearance: eps 10): rear admiral, one of FPA guys who got owned by Reinhard who was trying various new tactics and maneuvers. Only his name is mentioned, and his ship is shown, but no face.

[from SL GAIDEN]

Goodwin (appearance: eps 2): lieutenant, military public relations office.

Wilma Vancroft (appearance: eps 2): editor of Weekly Pretty Woman Magazine. Should be Wilma van Croft? Dutch name I think.

John Martin (appearance: eps 2): director of TV Heinessen.

Andy Luclay (appearance: eps 2): Yang's mother's cousin.

Mintz (appearance: eps 2): lieutenant, Julian's father, we can see him being summoned by Alex Caserne when he's talking with Yang, but we can't see his face though :p As usual, written as "Minci" In CA subs.

Copperfield (appearance: eps 6): admiral, Vittorio di Bertini's man, interim commander.


Fegan (appearance: eps 1): captain of Grand Canal, the only FPA military ship which stick with the civilian ships till the end, shot down by the Imperial ships. Yang: "They need one more ally ship, rather than 100 medals."

That's it for the FPA. Obviously the name spelling are from CA, except for Mintz and Malcolm, I corrected those. Please keep in mind that the "appearance" here means, when the character name is mentioned in CA subs, the character doesn't necessarily appears in that eps (ie. another character mentions his/her name). Next, characters from the Galactic Empire.

Okay, see you later. Sorry for the super long message, I hope I didn't annoy you or something Smile Have a nice day.

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