Nemesis DVD Rip ep84-110

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Nemesis DVD Rip ep84-110

Post  3island18 on Fri Nov 08, 2013 7:20 am

This is the continuation of:

I totally understand about the infringement stuff. Okay, I think here is secured, right?

As you can read on the above link, I'm currently downloading Nemesis DVD rip to continue Kine's screenshot project (and for my own translation project). Two torrents, and all of em are dead now. I dunno what is wrong. the 1st torrent got 1 fast US IP but only for a day then it's gone forever and nothing moves. next I tried another torrent, health looked good, got a lot of peers, but still pretty slow, but at least it's not dead. but unfortunately, to my horror, after I left my PC on with that torrent running for a day, when I return nothing is downloaded, nothing moves, even right now as I stare my monitor with a vacant look. From the many torrents I gathered from various different sources, there are actually only 3 types with the same content: the Chinese one (1st torrent with only 2 peers, nothing moves), the one with many Canada, US, Brazil IPs (but still, nothing moves, only worked on the 1st day, then it just dead, dunno, maybe my country IP sucks), the torrent which separates between ep1-56 & 57-110, two parters (not connecting forever, trackers dead). I give up... gosh, I really hate torrent. it's so hard to find. as nobody ever seed/upload it anymore when the superior Bluray rips are floating out there with decent English CA subs. and it's in Chinese subs (and the usual awful English of Chinese DVD), not everybody's stuff. Only for some guys with weird project (me). My usual file searching techniques didn't work on this, ie. looking for some file host links which are still alive somewhere in random forums, blogs, sharing sites, etc. nobody ever share this obviously. why would they? I guess I joined the LoGH fandom too much much late. If I just encountered the awesome LoGH like in early 2000s... wait, I was still a stupid teenager back then, busy with ecchi animes, oh, no decent and affordable internet in this country too back then Smile

In the end I only managed to get ep81,82,83. And have taken the nameplate screenshots while watching the torrent horror. ready and packed. well, it's only 2 eps (ep83 doesn't contain any nameplate, like ep25), I don't think it got any worth to be uploaded right now. but if you guys want it, just say the word. Better wait until I obtain whole 30eps and took all the nameplate screenshots.

The only left card I have is to request from LoGH fan fellows...

So, um, please, anyone, not limited to Kine only who has been so kind keep me accompanied in the Discussion Page. Honorable staffs and members.

I humbly request, please upload those Nemesis DVD rips with cool hardsubbed nameplates and the well translated Chinese subs. I only need ep84-110. free me of this torment. tiny 230mb/file yet why must I be subjected to this pain, Sire? I promise you, I don't do this without any intention of giving you something in return. oh yes, I'm trying to make the ultimate LoGH subs: all complete cool nameplates reproduced with all Japanese texts above em translated, correct spelled names, nice positioning and timing, near perfect translation, etc. a tribute from a fan who happens to has the right language skills and too much of spare time, and AegiSub is pretty easy to use with. I can't get on with my life and rest in peace until I successfully deliver this one. it's like an unfinished business, a long-time dream (okay, not that long, I'm a new fan, around 2-3 years). since I became a LoGH fan, I thought CA subs is cool, but there are still a lot of rooms to improve here and there. The video quality available now is the delicious Bluray rips with AAC stereo. A&V are perfect now. the only thing left is a perfect subs appropriate for this masterpiece. I've waited for somebody to take up the challenge. sometimes there were talks about revamping/retranslating effort in the net, but then, silence. then I realized, why don't I do it myself? I happen to have pretty much decent skills in Japanese (and Chinese), and I never use it for the greater good, mostly just for reading and playing hentai stuffs. This might be my chance. always wanna do fansubbing once in a lifetime. and LoGH is one of the few animes that really made me crazy in a positive way. it really deserve the best effort I can give out.

yeah, but I haven't actually talk with CA and boss Heibi yet. obviously I'm using CA subs, I mean why would I create a new one from a scratch when there's a 95% perfect subs? inefficient. lets called it v3.0 revamping project. it's their property and one must asks permission. my ideal is I work under CA and release the subs under CA name officially, that would be an honor. but that have to wait for much later. I'm still in data collecting phase. I don't wanna go telling everyone and everywhere hey I'm gonna make the ultimate subs, b4 I got all the data I need and am sure that I actually can deliver something, in physical form, I mean .ASS files. I, myself, hate it when my fave anime fansubs suddenly stop producing in the middle. I'll start telling around after I completed whole 110 eps subs, or better whole 165... it'll be a long lonesome battle... And I dunno if there are actually people/fans who would be still interested and excited with new better subs, since this is a 20 years old show, and I show up pretty late. maybe no one ever watch it again. maybe it'll end up only in my HD, as my private use subs, along with some of my friends, and would never see the light in the net. but that's okay. I do this first for my self-gratification as a fan, then thinking it would be great if I can share the joy with all fan fellows out there. if no one is interested, no prob, I'd still feeling satisfied using it for myself and my friends every time I itch for LoGH, and if it ever get released and used by people around the world, then, I guess, I finally have done something correct for once in my life Wink

But enough of my babbling.

For those who are kind enough to upload the files and free me from this torment, you can use this cool file host:

Nice for uploaders and good for free downloaders with pathetic internet connection from a 3rd world country like me.

You can use my (free) account there if you want:
pass: ha53tsai31

I dunno any better file hosting sites which are kind to free downloaders than this, currently...

I also want the Chinese VobSub of ep1-80, if anyone would be kind enough rip em for me. all for (near) perfect translation sake. even better, the Chinese subs of the 3 movies and all of the gaidens too. That would be complete heavens for me!

Alright. Awaiting the good news, Sirs! And sorry for the very long message. I just feel that I wanna talk about this with someone.

m(_ _)m

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