Illegal Material

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Illegal Material

Post  Canary on Thu Oct 14, 2010 11:59 am

It's going to come up sooner or later, and I figure it's best for me to bring it up now and get it out in the open.

We need to decide how to deal with illegal content. Specifically, content in violation of international copyright law. Specifically, this includes but is not limited to the English translation of LOGH Book 1 currently on the wiki, as well as information regarding fansubs and ripped video files. Personally, it seems to me that these things inhabit a bit of a moral gray area, and thus deserve some attention.

My stance at the moment is:
1. Novel translations: allowed until we are either asked to remove them or official (read: legitimate) English-language translations are announced.

2. Fansubs: It may be possible for the wiki to include information on which groups have subbed LoGH, and/or include links to softsub files. Since, as with the novel, softsubs represent translations of material not readily available in English, it may be beneficial to our small community to, at the very least, acknowledge their presence.

3. Ripped Videos: I'm fairly certain we should have absolutely nothing to do with them.
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